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At Arrow Coaching (incorporating Christian Coaching Institute) we are passionate about helping great leaders find their way into their greatest seasons of leadership yet.

We are passionate about helping amazing people become incredible coaches.

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“It has been great to have someone completely outside the organisation to unpack strategic and management issues. Debriefing with Arrow Coaching+ is a reflective and iterative process which produces fresh insights. These sessions have always been supportive and encouraging and at times, even cathartic. I would highly recommend Arrow Coaching+.”

Bob Mitchell

CEO, Anglican Overseas Aid, Australia

“Coaching is like having a personal trainer for the matters of the soul. We can both personally say that the coaching process has been transformational in our lives. Over the long haul Arrow Coaching+ have been able to coach us towards the bigger picture, helping us avoid being sidetracked by minor tangents and well-meaning projects. They have helped us see what we couldn’t see without the right question, coaching us to learn from the unknown as opposed to resisting it”

James & Annie Layton

Senior Pastors, Encore Church, Melbourne

”It was amazing to watch lives being changed through the course of this training. Not only was the information valuable and practical, but participants also took steps forward in their personal lives. This must be a powerful tool, indeed, if raw beginners (plus the Holy Spirit, plus the method) can apply these new skills to help each other toward significant life change.”

Di Phillips

CertIV student