ICF Mentor Coaching

To help you continue to develop as a coach and begin to fulfil the International Coach Federation (ICF) requirement of 10 hours of mentor coaching for professional accreditation.

Arrow Coaching+ is pleased to offer a special Mentor Coaching sessions which can be facilitated by Kylie Butler, PCC, or Christine Williams, ACC.  You will benefit from individual 1-1 learning as well as the group learning environment and refine your coaching core competencies.

In accordance with the ICF requirements, this group will meet over a minimum 3-month period, which will include:

  • 6 hours (3 x 2hr sessions) of group mentor coaching
  • 4 hours of individual mentor coaching

You will benefit from the synergy and collaborative learning which happens in a group environment – and, you get the most cost-effective to meet your ICF mentor coaching requirement for accreditation. Group size is limited to 5 coaches to ensure individualized attention, minimum 3 participants.

The program will include:

  • Focus on each of the ICF’s Core Coaching Competencies
  • Self assessments of each competency
  • Identification of your strengths, and blind spots as a coach
  • Specific action steps to hone and refine your core coaching competencies
  • Each participant receives 3 group sessions, three 120-min (6 hrs total) over a 3-month period, which is 6 ICF Mentor Coaching hours.
  • Group sessions include peer coaching; feedback, reflections, and learning; and a discussion exploring the ICF Core Competencies
  • All group sessions must be attended live in order to receive credit
  • Individual sessions can run concurrently with the group sessions or commence once the group sessions are completed. The 1:1 sessions focus on review and discussion of a pre-recorded coaching session the mentee has had with an existing client.

Who is Mentor Coaching for?

  • Coaches who are wanting to receive accreditation through the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Coaches who are seeking to develop their coaching skills
  • Coaches want to co-learn from other coaches


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