Are you looking for professional Pastoral Supervision for your ministry role?

Arrow Coaching+ staff are highly trained and experienced in the area of Pastoral Supervision, believe that we can help breathe new life into your leadership through the supervision process.

A number of our staff have been trained in Professional Pastoral Supervision through Higher Education Colleges. Our staff have many years of experience working in various ministry roles and understand the complex nature of pastoral ministry. Combining that experience with the proven effectiveness of the coaching method, our team can help you thrive in your role.

Supervision offers…
  • Guided reflection on your role and efficacy within it
  • An opportunity to process thinking and ideas and establish ways forward
  • A safe space to debrief difficult situations and challenges
  • A framework to help you gain a greater sense of your strengths and growth areas as a leader
  • Powerful questions to help you gain deeper insight into yourself, your team and your ministry context
How does supervision work?
  • 1-1 sessions and/or group supervision
  • Online
Who is supervision for?
  • Pastors, ministers, clergy
  • Ministry team leaders
  • Church staff



What is supervision?

At its simplest, Supervision is a forum where supervisees review and reflect on their work in order to do it better. Practitioners bring their actual work-practice to another person (individual Supervision), or to a group (small group or team Supervision), and with their help review what happened in their practice in order to learn from that experience. Ultimately, Supervision is for better-quality service. In a relationship of trust and transparency, supervisees talk about their work and through reflection and thoughtfulness learn from it and return to do it differently. (Carroll, 2007)

What is coaching?

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. It is a process that supports the client in reaching deeper levels of fulfilment and success quicker and with more ease. Individuals engage a coach for many reasons and for support in any area of their life: career, business, personal transitions, relationships, financial, life balance, spirituality and more.”

 – International Coaching Federation

What is the difference between coaching and supervision?

The supervisor relationship is often formal and based on higher to lower position and authority, i.e. supervisor down to worker. In the coaching relationship, it is the worker’s goals that are at issue within an (often) non-reporting relationship. A coach primarily seeks to help the client reach their goals, while simultaneously growing the client’s capacity.

How can a coach/supervisor help?

A professional coach/supervisor possesses talents, techniques, skills and tools that support the client in making the right changes, with greater ease and lasting effectiveness. They assist the client by helping them to:

  • Recognise their strengths and assets
  • Uncover the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that hold them back
  • Explore new perspectives
  • Gain clarity on values and life purpose
  • Identify and end self-defeating habits and patterns
  • Clarify goals and create action plans to achieve them
  • Learn from mistakes and failures
  • Discover what they truly desire


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